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Consulate of the Republic of Poland in CorkConsulate of the Republic of Poland in CorkConsulate of the Republic of Poland in Cork

Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Cork Consulate of the Republic of Poland in CorkConsulate of the Republic of Poland in CorkConsulate of the Republic of Poland in Cork

Honorary Consul


The Honorary Consul of Poland in Cork is Michael Mulcahy who is appointed by the Irish and Polish Governments. His role is in leading the office of the Polish Consulate and providing the information service that will operate through the websites www.polishconsulate.ie and www.poland.ie


A message from the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Cork Michael Mulcahy


In my role as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Cork, as appointed by the Irish and Polish Governments, I have been working closely with the Polish community to strengthen the links between our people and our countries in the areas of business, tourism, education, culture and employment. My role as Honorary Consul seeks to ensure that services and assistance are available to the Polish community at all times. The Consulate is a service that recognises the size of the Polish community living in Ireland and the fact that it is the largest ethnic group in Ireland. I support the strong and existing integration policies that are in place in each county and the Polish community is a strong and vibrant community in towns throughout Ireland.


My role is also to promote the interests of the Polish people and the Polish Government with respect to the people of this region, and among the Irish people generally. We seek to strengthen relationships between Polish and Irish groups in the areas of Business, Commerce, Trade, Employment, Culture, Education, Travel and Tourism. We want to promote the establishment of new businesses for the Polish community in Ireland with the specific aim of creating employment and ensuring that a positive approach to employment is maintained and expanded amongst the community in these areas.


We also seek to assist the business community and others in forging new links with all areas of Poland through active relationship with the various Chambers of Commerce and business organisations throughout the country. The Polish Consulate also assists visiting Polish citizens who may require emergency assistance while travelling in this region and we work closely with the Polish Embassy in Dublin who have responsibility for passports and other important documentation. We also seek to create a new relationship between each county in Ireland with various areas in Poland as well as expand on the existing twinning links between cities and towns in Ireland and cities and towns in Poland so as to develop the relationships between our two people.


The Polish Consulate serves the community as a resource for information and assistance and the Administrator of the Consulate is Monika Borys who has a well established reputation in the Polish community in Ireland. Monika networks with the Polish community as well as other associations that will enable her to stay abreast of major intellectual and social currents that may infl uence or inform the Polish community in Ireland. What will be good and benefi cial for Poland will be equally benefi cial for this country and the Polish community living here.


The number of personal relationships between the Polish and Irish is also growing and the similarities of ideals and values between our two people is clear to see. There is a strong bond that has been developed in the last decade between our people and our countries and the Polish Consulate looks forward to further assisting this development in the time ahead.


I am pleased that the Polish Consulate will roll out its new service to be known as My Ireland / My Poland in key towns and areas around Ireland. The service will offer an exceptional benefi t to the Polish community of that area from participating businesses and we look forward to working with many new people in these endeavours.


Michael Mulcahy
Honorary Consul

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